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Mormon Mesa Road

Mormon Mesa Road Description

Mormon Mesa Road is a fun and easy trail that runs from Overton to NV 170 road. It is stock friendly and have some great views of the Virgin Mountains and Virgin River valley. The first part travels along the east rim of the Mormon Mesa. Along this part be sure to stop at the Double Negative land art; a work of "art" that consists of a long trench in the earth, 30 feet wide, 50 feet deep, and 1500 feet long. Two trenches straddle either side of a natural canyon. The work essentially consists of what is not there. After continuing along the rim of the mesa, the path we describe takes the power line road northeast. The power line part of the trail is mostly straight, often interrupted by hills and curves as it crosses the various valleys and washes along the way. There are a few steep spots on this part of the trail, so be aware. Some of the washes are a little sandy, so be sure to air down your tires. The trail ends at NV 170 from there you can return to I-15 or turn right and take the back road to Mesquite.

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