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Calico Description

Calico Ghost Town is an old mining town in San Bernadino County, California, about ten miles northeast of Barstow. The Calico Mountains that surround the town had once very prosperous silver and borax mines in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Named because of the colors of the mountains in the area, Calico is now rebuilt with the mine-era building and is a bit of a tourist destination. It is a fun family destination with mine tours, ghost tours of the area, and you can get an old-fashioned ...
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Death Valley Description

Death Valley is a desert valley located in Eastern California. It is famous for its extremely hot temperatures in the summer. Also it is the lowest point in North America, with Badwater Basin being 282 feet below sea level. Much of the valley is part of Death Valley National Park. Many areas surrounding Death Valley were mining area in the late 1800s and early 1900s. And because of that, there is a wealth of off road trails to explore. The area is about 2 hours drive west of Las Vegas. Although ...
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Lake Mead Area Description

Lake Mead is the nation's largest reservoir and is located just a few short miles from Las Vegas. It formed by the Hoover Dam which is just outside of Boulder City. Much of it creates the border of Nevada and Arizona and the whole lake is managed by the National Park Service. Drought conditions over the past decade have caused Lake Mead to shrink dramatically, which is evident by the white rings that surround the shores of the lake. The area around the lake and Lake Mead itself is a Mecca of ...
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Lake Mohave Area Description

Lake Mohave is a man made lake on the Colorado River located between the Hoover Dam and Davis Dam in Cottonwood Valley. The lake is the border of Nevada and Arizona. The main roads leading in to the area require a fee, however, you are able to access Lake Mohave through many of the back roads in a Jeep, avoiding the fee. This almost 70 mile section of the Colorado River flows past Boulder City, Nelson, Searchlight, Cottonwood Cove, Cal-Nev-Ari, and Laughlin to the west in Nevada and Willow Beach...
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Logandale Description

The Logandale Trail System is a large 45,000 acre area about 40 miles north-west of Las Vegas that caters to all types of off-road enthusiasts. There are more than 200 miles of designated off road trails to explore in this area and has something for everyone including easy dirt roads, extreme rock crawling, sand dunes, hiking, and Moab-style rocks. It is a beautiful area with some of the areas best scenery. The Logandale Trails System is a result of the cooperation of off-road enthusiasts with ...
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Mesquite Area Description

About 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas is the town of Mesquite. Settled by Mormon pioneers in the late 1800s, the Mesquite area offers many adventures of off-road enthusiasts. The Virgin Mountains, Gold Butte, and Mormon Mesa are just a few areas that have a large network of off-road trails. While much of the area's trails are dirt roads, the Virgin Mountains in particular offer many challenging and remote Jeep trails. It is an area with a great deal of history ranging from the Native American to...
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North of Las Vegas Description

The purposes of this site, the area north of Las Vegas is a large and expansive region that covers several areas including the Sheep Range, Las Vegas Range, Apex, and Muddy Mountains. Most trails in this area are stock freinly and offer remote camping as well as beautiful land and eco-systems. Many of the areas are remote and offers a good escape from Las Vegas, and people in general...
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South of Las Vegas Description

The area south of Las Vegas covers some of the southern parts of the Spring Mountains and areas east and west of I-15 through to the California border. There are many great trails in the area like Tie Rod Canyon, Devil's Peak, Mt. Potosi, and lots of cool old mining roads in the Goodsprings area. It is a favorite area for Las Vegans due to the close proximity to Las Vegas and general easy ...
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Spring Mountains Description

Nevada's Spring Mountains are a range of mountains and canyons that run in a north-south direction in the southern part of the state. The general boundaries are defined as US 95 travelling from the Las Vegas Valley to the Amargosa Valley on the north, I-15 near the Ivanpah Valley near the California/Nevada border on the south, thee Las Vegas Valley on the east, and the Pahrump Valley on the west. The Spring Mountains provide many off road trails for the Jeep enthusiast. Most notable are Rocky...
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St George Area Description

St. George is a small city in the far southwest end of Utah. The area has much to offer in the way of recreation including many places to offroad. The climate is perfect Jeep activity and the surrounding mountains, deserts, cliffs, and rock formations will keep you busy in your Jeep year round. Many of the Jeep trails in St. George lead directly in and out of the city, so there isn't too much driving you will need to do to get to good trails. Once of the most well known areas to Jeep is the Sand...
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