Complete collection of Jeep and off-road trails in the Las Vegas area

Las Vegas Area Trails

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Las Vegas Area Trails

The areas near Las Vegas in Southern Nevada provide some of the best Jeep trails in the country. Just minutes from Las Vegas are areas that range from alpine mountains, sand dunes, Moab-style rocks, wet marshes, and desert land. Much of the areas near Las Vegas are BLM land with and are generally open to off road vehicles. The only area you can't off-raod on around Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Valley bowl itself. But just outside of the valley, there is a treasure trove of trails and terrain to keep even the most avid Jeeper busy for a long time. There are some areas also that may be closed due to environmental concerns, but those areas are usually clearly marked. Please do some research and check with the local BML office if there is any concern about whether an area is open to your Jeep. Please do not tresspass on private property and stay on marked trails at all times.

Populare trails near Las Vegas include Rocky Gap Trail, Wheeler Pass, Copper Cache, Burro Wash, Bitter Springs Trails, and of course the Logandale trail system. There are many more trails in the surrounding areas. We hope to catalog as many as possible on this site so that all Jeepers will be able to explore the whole area. We have also included a few area a little further some Las Vegas such as Death Valley, Calico, and the St. George, UT area in case you wish to venture out a little further.

If you know of a trail that is not listed here, please click here to visit our add-a-trail page and let us know about it. The more trails we have cataloged, the better resource this site will be for off-roaders in the Las Vegas area.