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Odessa Canyon Trail

Odessa Canyon Trail Description

Odessa Canyon Trail is a difficult Jeep trail in the Calico Mountains in southern California. It is often run as a loop with Doran Canyon Trail. Although the trails is relatively short, it is full of fun rock crawling obstacles, off-camber sections, and steep inclines. Stock Jeeps will not make it and even the most modified Jeep will find it quite a challenge. Good spotting is essential. It is recommended that you don't run this trails without someone who is done the trail before as there are a few obstacles that require a certain "know how" to navigate. Take it slowly and plan ahead. There is a certain achievement that you get when completing this trail. The views and scenery are impressive as there are many steep walls and crevasses. The Odessa-Doran Loop is one of the must-do trails in the south west.

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