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Chloride Cliff

Chloride Cliff Description

Chloride Cliff trail is an amazingly scenic trail in Death Valley. Chloride was a small mining camp in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Chloride Cliff is area just south of the camp that reaches the top of a summit where much of the mining activity took place. There was a lot of different mines in the area and spanned a few decades with different mining companies opening and closing the mines. The bottom line was that although the area produced good ore for gold and silver, the remoteness of the area, lack of available water, and other more profitable mines in the area made the Chloride mine suffer from any true riches. The trail is a perfect trail for those looking to test their beginner skills in their Jeep. Much of the trail is graded dirt, once you turn off to head up to the mine, the road get rocky and rutted and not to mention quite steep. There no true obstacles, but enough loose rock and steep grades to still get some adrenaline pumping. Most of the trail would be considered about a 3 rated, however the very last 100 feet or so where it climbs to the summit is very steep and rocky, leading to the 4 rating. 4 low would be considered a must for the trail as it is steep and rocky. Stock Jeeps should have no issues. Exploring the old mining structures and camps is fun, however the true reward of Chloride Cliff is when you reach the summit. It has amazing views of Death Valley and all the surrounding areas. It is a very enjoyable trail with much history and scenery and can be done in a day from Las Vegas.

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