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Echo Pass Inyo Mine

Echo Pass Inyo Mine Description

Echo Canyon trail is a rocky and fairly scenic trail though the central part of Death Valley. The trail is the typically run from west to east, however the views are better running it east to west. It starts near Furnace Creek in Death Valley and follows the relatively easy but rocky trails up through the canyons to the east. About halfway through you will visit Inyo gold mine. It ran the early to mid 1900s and produced a fair amount of gold. However due to lack of water and resources required to extract the gold, it was sold several times and finally closed in the mid century. Many of the structures and machinery is still in tact and provides a glimpse in to the living conditions of the miners of the time. From the mine, you continue north-east up the canyon and up in to the top of a ridge where great views of the surrounding areas can be seen. On a clear day you can see all the way to Mt. Whitney and other peaks in the Sierra Nevada range. After the top of Echo Pass, you descend back in to a canyon and out in to the Amargosa valley. The trail would be considered very stock friendly except for one or two waterfall-type obstacles in the middle. Any lifted Jeep will have no problem navigating it, stock Jeeps should have a spotter just avoid some scraping. The trail is very rocky and grows somewhat tiresome by the end, however it is worth the drive from Las Vegas if you have never been to the area. Be aware, technically you need to have a Nation Park pass to be in the area. However the trail does not go through any gates or entrances if coming from the east.

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