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Mengel Pass

Mengel Pass Description

Mengel Pass is a long and moderately difficult trail located in the Death Valley area. Famous for the site where Charles Manson was captured by police, it is a favorite Jeep trail in Death Valley. This is a long, but scenic trail. The only difficult part is on the pass itself which has some deep ruts and rocky areas. Stock Jeeps can make it, but there will definitely be some scraping. It is recommended to have a little bit higher clearance to navigate the obstacles. The rest of the trail is mostly dirt road with a few a areas of washed out section, but shouldn't pose an problems. Running from west to east, the trail starts at Ballarat and follows Wingate Road until it turns east on Coyote Canyon road. It is in this section that you cross the actual Mengel Pass. After this section, the road turns north and goes through the beautiful Butte Valley. After this the road turns back east and travels through the mountain back to the actual Death Valley. This is a long and remote trail. It is recommended that you bring extra fuel as filling stations are few and far between in Death Valley. Also bring plenty of water and never travel alone.

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