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Pleasant Canyon

Pleasant Canyon Description

Pleasant Canyon trail, also known as South Park Canyon, is a loop trail on the west side of Death Valley. It is a fairly long and difficult trail and should only be attempted by modified Jeeps with high ground clearance. It is a high altitude trail, reaching an elevation of 7,400 feet at the top of Rogers Pass, which is a refreshing and cool change from the suppressive heat of the valleys below. The trail is steep, full of hairpin curves and has been know to be washed out in places, making for some challenging obstacles. There are many old mine in this section of the Panamint Range and a lot history. There is a small bridge above the Briggs Cabin which is only rated for 6,000 pounds. Be sure not to cross it unless you are sure your Jeep and all the gear and passengers you are carries weighs less than this. The trail is very rewarding and ascents and descents along with the switchback will be your pulse racing. You are treated to amazing views at the top and an unforgettable experience on Pleasant Canyon. The trail starts in Ballarat, heads east and comes back around to Wingate road where you can return to Ballarat, or if you are up for it, continue to Mengel Pass. The area is very remote so be sure to have extra foot, water, and clothing in case of emergency.

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