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Burro Wash Trail

Burro Wash Trail Description

Burro Wash Trail is a down and out trail starting in Boulder City and ending at the beginning of Lake Mohave in the Black Canyon area of the Colorado River. The trail is a power line road that generally follows the Burro Wash canyon. The trail starts at a power substation just south of Boulder City and heads east up and over the mountains and then starts the rocky descent down the wash. Burro wash is windy with some very steep grades at time. Be sure to have a spare tire as the loose rocks are very sharp. Many parts trails have been reported to have deteriorated and have been washed out. Although the trail is still described as stock friendly, those with limited experience may have a challenging time. Some bottom scraping may occur on Jeeps without lifts. At the end of the trail is a small beach to relax and enjoy the cool water. The beach tends to be muddy, so make sure you don't venture too far out in your Jeep ask there is a risk of getting stuck - travel with others in the event you are stuck. Burro wash is a favorite among 4 wheelers in the Las Vegas area for it's close proximity to Lake Mohave and the fun and challenging trail.

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