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Copper Cache Trail

Copper Cache Trail Description

Copper Cache is a trail right outside of Nelson in southern Nevada. Popular among Jeep groups in the area, it is a short but fun trail up a small canyon. The obstacles are dry waterfalls and range from moderate to difficult, the most difficult being the last waterfall which is about 4ft. high. There is a bypass around the last one, making Copper Cache a 6 rated trail, rather than a 7. Spotting is helpful for all the waterfalls. At the end of the trail, people usually go off and explore other trails in the area since Copper Cache is pretty short. Be extremely careful of open mine and holes in the road. There was a report from a recent trip that a hole on one of the trails in the area (not Copper Cache) literally just opened up under someone's tire, and he had to hit the gas to escape it. So be aware of what you are driving over.

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