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Eldorado Jeep Trail

Eldorado Jeep Trail Description

El Dorado Jeep Trail is an easy, stock friendly trail that runs from US 93 to Lake Mohave on the Arizona side of the lake. It travels through the Black Mountains and down the El Dorado wash. The volcanic scenery is quite spectacular and excellent views of the Black Canyon can be seen. The trail is very smooth in most places and can be taken in any Jeep. There are a few section of slightly rockier terrain, but nothing that will slow you down. The trail starts approximately 26 miles south of the Hoover Dam and is about 14 miles long. This is an in and out trail, so that you come back the way you came in. The area is quite remote so don't expect too many people to be around. At the end of the trail there is a muddy beach section where you can get your feet wet, but the beach is somewhat uninspiring and not suitable for any activities as it is mostly mud. The El Dorado Jeep Trail is a more of a trail for exploring the area and enjoying great scenery, rather than any challenges for your Jeep.

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