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Power Line Road West Mohave

Power Line Road West Mohave Description

This power line trail on the west side of Lake Mohave is a long and very fun trails. I normally am not a fan of power line trails, generally because they are usually straight and borning. This one however is anything but. This powerline trail starts from Aztec Wash Trail and goes all the way back to US 95 inbetween Boulder City and Searchlight. What makes this trail fun that is it VERY windy, full of hairpin curves and very steep. There aren't much in the way of obstacles on this power line trail, making it stock friendly. There may be a few loose rocks and some washed out parts, but there should be no issues getting through this trail. The views on this trail are pretty amazing as it rises almost 3000 feet in elevation from where it starts. It is quite impressive how and where they can put powerlines. Make no mistake this is rough country and it is just amazing that they blaze through and plant these giant steel power line towers. If you get out next to one you can hear the electricity cracklig and popping through the cables. There is also a cool Flintstone type rock formation on the west side that makes for some good pictures. Take it from west to east and then follow Aztec wash down to Lake Mohave for a cool summer treat.

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