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Logandale Description

The Logandale Trail System is a large 45,000 acre area about 40 miles north-west of Las Vegas that caters to all types of off-road enthusiasts. There are more than 200 miles of designated off road trails to explore in this area and has something for everyone including easy dirt roads, extreme rock crawling, sand dunes, hiking, and Moab-style rocks. It is a beautiful area with some of the areas best scenery. The Logandale Trails System is a result of the cooperation of off-road enthusiasts with federal and state agencies, providing recreational access while protecting natural and historical features. The Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation and Nevada State Parks worked with individuals and organizations to develop trails that would satisfy a variety of users.

Virtually every day you will find some type of Jeep run in the area. It is popular because of its close proximity to Las Vegas, close supplies in the nearby town of Logandale, and mind-blowing scenery. To access the Logandale trail system, from Route 169 in Logandale, go west on Liston Road in Logandale and follow the road across the railroad tracks. Continue on the dirt road to the trail area.

The annual Hump 'N Bump Jeep festival is held in Logandale every fall and is one the best Jeep events in the southwest. Jeepers from all over the country descent upon Logandale for a three day trail run event where Jeep enthusiasts can show off their rigs and test them on the some of the toughest trails around. The are also easier runs for those who prefer them. For more information on Hump 'N Bump, please visit the Vegas Valley 4 Wheeler's web site.

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