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13 Mile Loop

13 Mile Loop Description

13 Mile Loop is an easy trail that loops around the main area of the Logandale Trail system. It is actually about 15 miles long, but who's counting? The loop is usually run counter-clockwise, but Jeeps are usually seen running it in either direction. This is a fairly easy trail that only gets the 4 rating because of a single rocky obstacle at the south end of the loop. The obstacle is simply a small rocky hill about 30 feet high that you need to climb up to continue the loop. Stock or inexperienced drivers should have a spotter to help stay on a good line up this hill., but is really a non-issue for more built rigs. There are a few optional obstacles a little further on the east side if you want to play around more. The rest of the trail is generally a bumpy dirt road or a sandy road, which is fun to drive through a little faster. On the east side, there are some petroglyphs to be seen, followed by a fun sand dunes area where you can let loose before completing the loop. 13 Mile Loop is a good way to introduce yourself to the Logandale trail system. With Amazing views of the red rocks all around and just enough rugged terrain to get your feet wet, you will want to come back to Logandale for more.

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