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Bronco Falls

Bronco Falls Description

Bronco Falls is generally acknowledged as the most difficult mapped trail in the Logandale trail area. The legend of how it got its name is that some members of the Vegas Valley 4-Wheelers were in the area scouting out trails and one of them was driving a Ford Bronco. On the last steep obstacle, the Bronco lost its footing and fell down the rock face. And the name has stuck ever since. And true to the name, it is a very challenging trail. It can be run as a loop as shown here, or just the second half from the east side. Regardless, it is simply a rock crawler's dream trail as it is just obstacle after obstacle of rocks, steps and waterfalls. The climax of the trail is an extremely steep and off-camber climb that is known for its propensity to roll your Jeep. About once a month we hear about someone flipping or rolling over there. So care must be taken to complete the trail. It is highly recommended that you go with someone who is very familiar with the trail and can show you exactly where to place your tires to avoid any roll-overs. The trail should only be attempted by Jeeps with lifts, large tires, preferably lockers. Although we have heard about stock Jeeps and modified trucks making it though, we wouldn't recommend it unless you don't care that much about your rig. With that said, it is a very beautiful trail with incredible views of the area and if you make it through, you will be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment.

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