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Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon Description

Hidden Canyon is a short trail in the Logandale trail area that traverses a small canyon that is carved through the main rock area. The highlight of the trail is at the end where there is a short by very steep rock face that you go down. The trail starts about a quarter mile down the 13 Mile Loop and heads west. Although the trail is a short, it is basically all rock crawling and small to medium waterfall ledges. There are a few places where spotting may be needed, but most of the obstacles are fairly simple to navigate. At the end of the trail, there is a very steep rock face to go down. Take some time and plan your decent well. It would be recommended that you have a spotter familiar with the obstacle if it is your first time. Although it is very steep, it is very manageable if you take it slow. From the bottom of the rock face, you can either turn around the run the trail in reverse, or continue to loop around back to the main bathroom at the entrance to the trail area.

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