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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Description

Rock Bottom is a difficult, rock crawling trail in the Logandale Trail System. It is only just about a mile long, but like many of the trails in the area, it is action packed. Those looking for a challenge will find it here. The entrance to the trail is a V-notch that you tip toe through. From there you crawl up a slightly off camber hill climb till you end up in a canyon with 3 ways out. The easiest is rated 4 and the hardiest rated 7 has put many on their roof! As the trail comes to an end you have two ways to exit the trail: the S-turn where your power steering, brake control, and abilities get a major workout or the waterfall which is pretty steep flat rock wall decent. After the trail have some fun at the sand dunes. Be sure to attempt this trail only with someone who has done it before and knows the right lines. One misstep, will ruin your day.

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