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Shedder Trail

Shedder Trail Description

Shedder Trail, also known as Shredder Trail and Shitter Trail, is short but action packed trail in the Logandale trail system. This trail is only for modified rigs with at least 33" tires and a lift. Lockers will help some of the obstacles, but those without lockers will be able to have on the trail as well with good spotting and a few bypasses. The trail often starts with a quick run through of the Shedder Bowl, a fun little down and out bowl. After coming out the bowl, you cross back and start the main trail. Shedder trail is only about a mile long, but essentially is really just a series of obstacles from start to finish. You will not shift out of 4 low for the whole trail. There are too many obstacles to describe, but most of them are rocky with a few off camber spots. Rock crawling is the theme of the trail and there is enough variation that those with just slightly modified rigs all the way through full blown buggies will have a great time. Spotting is essential on a few of the steeper obstacles. There are many side trails to explore and a few different ways to get out, so there is no official path of the trail, but the one shown on the map is a typical run. For those who didn't get enough excitement on Shedder, Bronco Falls trail can be explored at the end, which is in the same area and provides a few more challenging obstacles.

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