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44 River Run

44 River Run Description

44 River Run is a fun summer trail that will cool you down and get your Jeep muddy! It is an alternate route from the Mormon Mesa Road but instead of driving on top of the mesa, you will be driving in the Virgin River for about 8 miles. Some say 44 River Run was named because you are driving in the river for 44 minutes. Others say it was named after someone who was celebrating their 44th birthday on the trail. Regardless, it is a great summer trail and guaranteed to fill your Jeep up with sand and mud. 44 River Run can be run in either direction based on which direction you come from, or would make a nice loop from Mormon Mesa. So air your tires down and cool you and your Jeep off in the river. You will cruise though the sandy Virgin River basin for approximately eight miles and enjoy the scenery from the river. The shores of the river are mostly thick shrubs and trees so you will not be able to get in and out of river until you see a point at which you can get through. The map shows the two best areas for entering and exiting. It is a fun experience and great way to spend the day especially during the summer. A few safety notes: Do not attempt this run except on a clear sunny day when there is no chance of rain in the entire region. Even a mild rain storm miles up the river can cause a flash flood which can sweep you and your Jeep away! Do not drive on the river unless the flow is low and manageable (no higher than 6 inches deep). Typically the best time is June through September. Avoid during the spring run off as it will likely be too deep and fast for your Jeep to safely navigate. Also the loose sand can act like quicksand if you park your Jeep in flowing water - the current will slowly bury your tires and will get stuck. If you need to park, be sure to do it where there is no water flow. Air your tires down as low as possible and travel with other Jeeps and be sure to have recovery straps in case you get stuck.

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