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Cabin Canyon Trail

Cabin Canyon Trail Description

Canyon Cabin Trail is long but wonderful trail that runs through the Virgin Mountains south of Mesquite. The trail starts on Lime Kiln Canyon road, right from Mesquite and travels south almost to the Arizona border. When you hit the mountains, the trail instantly becomes difficult. It is a beautiful canyon that for the first part, kind of has a trail. It is more like a washed out dry river (probably has water when it rains and snows). In this area, there are many large rocks and boulders to navigate, many of them impossible to cross. It takes some patience and planning to get through and around them. Take it slow here but modified Jeeps should be able to get through. After the difficult canyon part of the trail, it smoothes out a bit and turns in to a loose rock trail. Be careful as many of these rocks are sharp and has been known to slash sidewalls of tires. The trail turns west and begins to climb up the canyon until you go over the pass to the west side of the mountain range. The rest of trail is relatively easy, but watch last descent as there is a little rock crawling to navigate. Continuing, you straddle a ridge with beautiful views of the mountains and valley below. You then descend down the range and you finish the trail heading back towards I-15.

UPDATE August 2017: Apparently the difficult section of this trail has been completely graded and is no longer a difficult trail. That is a shame as this was a beautifully difficult trail. We have no idea why it was graded as there appears to not be any commercial or government activity in the area. The trail is now rated as a stock friendly 4. There is a still a rather rocky section a it leads up to the pass, and it is a little washed out on the west side, but nothing that would require a modified Jeep. We still would recommend a visit there, as it is a fairly scenic area and leads to Miner's Loop.

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