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Mormon Mesa Road

Mormon Mesa Road Description

Mormon Mesa Trail is an easy and stock friendly trail in the Mesquite-Overton area that parallels the Virgin River. Much of the trail is graded dirt road that does not require any type of 4 wheel drive vehicle. However, the north end of the trail does run through some washes and has some steep descents and ascents through a few washes where a 4 low option would be helpful, but not required. There are also a few places where road is a bit rutted out and you may have to navigate over a few loose rocks. But there is nothing on this trail that should prevent a stock Jeep from making it through easily. Be aware that of this writing, one of the washes on the trail was pretty much completely washed out and required some careful navigating to get back to the main trail, but again, nothing a stock Jeep wouldn't make quick work of. The trail can be run in either direction, but it shown here running from south to north. Mormon Mesa Trail start in the town of Overton by the airport. It quickly rises to the top of Mormon Mesa and crosses over the east side of the mesa, where you turn north and follow the east rim of the mesa until you meet up with the power line road. It is in this area that you can stop and see the Double Negative art form. This is basically two holes that were carved in the edge of the rock by Michael Heizer in 1969. This work of "art" that consists of a long trench in the earth, 30 feet wide, 50 feet deep, and 1500 feet long. Two trenches straddle either side of a natural canyon. The work essentially consists of what is not there Many consider this to be art, however most people consider it to be a blemish of two holes in the mesa. Apparently beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it is worth a quick stop just to say you've seen it. Once the trail meets up with the power lines, it drops down out of the mesa and continues along the power lines through a series of washes until it meets up with Riverside road where you can access I-15. It is a pretty trail and has great views of the Virgin mountains and some entertaining ups and downs along the washes. A good alternate to this trail is the 44 River Run which runs through the Virgin River instead of the Mesa. This is a pretty remote wilderness so be sure to bring plenty of water and never travel alone.

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