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Three Corners AZ UT NV

Three Corners AZ UT NV Description

Three corners Arizona Utah Nevada is a remote location where the three states meet. There are multiple trails to take to the three corners, the route presented here is the most direct from civilization. It starts off a dirt road from Mesquite and mostly straddles the Nevada-Arizona border. It is pretty much a straight shot north from Mesquite. The trail itself is not all that difficult except for a few steep spot at the beginning and deep ruts later on. However any stock Jeep should have no problem on this trail. The road is a little bumpy and a little sandy at times, so airing down your tires is recommended. Once you reach the three corners, you are rewarded that a very nice monument and flags of all three states. Take a few minutes and read the plaque which talks about the surveying of the area. After that, you can turn around and go back to Mesquite or check out more of the trails in the area. The scenery is great with the Virgin Mountains in the background.

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