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Amargosa Dunes

Amargosa Dunes Description

Amargosa Dunes is a large sand dunes play area, rather than a trail. It is about a hour and a half north on US 95 out of Las Vegas. It is a relatively unknown dunes area. Some campers and dune buggies/quads are usually around in the area, but it is never crowded. It is a fun area to drive your Jeep around if you are in to dunes. Amargosa Dune is a relatively small dunes area, about 5 square miles, but is big enough to have fun. Be sure to watch going over sand ridges to make sure no one else is on the other side. It is also advisable to have a tall whip flag others can you see you over the ridges. Sand dunes can put quite a strain on your automatic transmission. Be sure to watch your transmission temperature, especially in the hot summer. It is also advisable to air your tires down as low as possible.

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