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Mormon Well Road

Mormon Well Road Description

Mormon Well Road is a long, stock-friendly trail that runs from Corn Creek (near US 95 just north of Las Vegas) across the Desert National Wildlife Refuge to US 93. The road is usually is good shape and stock Jeeps should have no problem getting through. There may be some areas that have loose rock or washed out parts depending on rain. Cars have been known to travel Mormon Well Road, but this is not recommended. The road offers many changes in scenery and has some primitive camp sites. There are no services anywhere on the entire trail, so if you are planning on camping, be sure to pack in everything you need. There are several spur trails along the way to explore including Pine Nut Road and Gass Peak. The road is typically run from west to east, but either direction can be run. Mormon Well Road run through varying environments including desert, joshua tree forests, canyons, flat areas, and pine forests. It will take the whole day to travel and explore. On the west side it is more typical desert landscaping, and on the west it is more rugged with impressive canyon like Peek-a-Boo Canyon and Sawmill Canyon. Be sure to not travel this trail alone as it is long walk to civilization should you become stranded. There are no obstacles on Mormon Well, but the road is fun and offers a peek at the diverse eco-systems on southern Nevada.

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