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Little Devils Peak

Little Devils Peak Description

Little Devil's Peak trail is a fun and often overlooked trail west of Jean, NV. It is part of a trail system that spiders over the entire area created years ago access mines. Much of the trail is stock friendly and traverses through a series of small canyons. It isn't until the last mile of the trail that it turns north and begins to ascend that the obstacles start. Although surely a stock vehicle could possibly make it through, some of the steps and waterfalls will scrape the bottom of your Jeep unless it is lifted. Notably, there is one obstacle that will require a spotter as there is a risk of rolling over on either side. This obstacle is a water fall of sorts, but falls off on either side. It is not particularly hard to get through, however the right line must be taken. After that, there is a series of smaller steps and care should be taken. At the top, there are great views of the surrounding areas. This is in an in-and-out trail.

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