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Railroad Canyon

Railroad Canyon Description

Railroad Canyon trail is a fun, moderately challenging trail south of Las Vegas. Railroad Canyon presumably gets its name because it begins at a turnoff from Las Vegas boulevard at a railroad intersection. The trail starts with a mile or so of plain dirt before it turns sharply in to a wash. This is where the fun begins. Although the wash doesn't have any of what you might call hard-core obstacles, there is some fun rock crawling with one or two waterfall steps that will require your attention. Inexperienced drivers may benefit by having a spotter help place your tires through these waterfalls as it is easy to get hung up if a bad line is taken. Stock Jeeps will struggle a little here so we would recommend a lift and at least 33inch tires. Lockers aren't required, but wouldn't hurt to help with trackion over the waterfalls. After the obstacles in the wash, it climbs out back on to the main road. Just up from the hill from there, is a very fun optional wash that will loop around back to the main road. This loop is usually taken clockwise, but either way would be fun. This optional wash loop has some fun rock crawling and ends with a two step waterfalls that will test your Jeep. Although not extremely difficult, again, a good line here will make all the difference. Longer Jeeps like JKU may bottom out and get hung up, so make sure you have a good skid plate on your belly. After you complete the optional loop, you can either go back the way you came (skipping the first wash) or continue west and explore more the area. This area is a web of criss-crossing trails and there are many area to explore here. Make sure you have a map or have the area mapped on your phone before going further as it is easy to get turned around and mixed up on which trail you are on.

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