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Tie Rod Canyon

Tie Rod Canyon Description

Tie Rod Canyon is a fun and challenging trail just south of Las Vegas. It is named because someone once broke a tie rod on the trail and dug it in to the ground as a monument to how difficult the trail can be. The reality is that this is trail is not much different than any moderately difficult trail and all the times I've been on it, no one has broken anything, let alone a tie rod. But the legend has stuck that it is notorious for breaking tie rods. It is a relatively short trail, but full of obstacles that range from mild to wild. The trail map shown here shows the whole trail from start to finish got getting in to the area and leaving from Las Vegas. The actual Tie Rod Canyon trail is just about 5 miles long. It is rated here a 5 trail as there are some rocky and steep parts that do not have bypasses, however it would be about a 7 rated trail if you attempt all the obstacles. All the extreme obstacles have bypasses, or are optional short side trails from the main trail. It is a great short run that is close to Vegas. NOTE: There are conflicting reports that this trail is part of a BLM closure. We have been unable to confirm this. If it is closed, it would be illegal to travel through the area. Please check with your local BLM office before travelling Tie Rod Canyon.

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