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Rocky Gap Trail

Rocky Gap Trail Description

Rocky Gap trail, also known as Potato Ridge, is a difficult trail that cuts through the Spring Mountains from the Willow Springs Picnic area in Red Rock Conservation Area to Lovell Canyon on the west. It is a fairly rugged trail that seems to change every season depending on how the rain and snow from the winter shapes the trail. It is a popular and favorite trail among 4 wheelers in the Las Vegas area due to its close proximity to Las Vegas and challenging obstacles. Some of the most difficult obstacles have easier bypasses, however not all do. Rocky Gap ranges from difficult in optimal conditions, to impassible in the winter depending on snow fall. General consensus is minimum 33" tires and high clearance required. Lockers help, but not required if you have good spotters. Due to high elevations, dangerous winter conditions can exist, but it also provides a most welcome relief from the desert heat in the summer. The trail is typically run from west to east to avoid paying the entrance fee on the east side at Red Rock Conservation Area.

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