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Johns Trail

Johns Trail Description

John's Trail is great trail in the Sand Hollow State Park in Utah. It is a pretty diverse trail with many optional obstacles and side trails to explore. Some of the obstacles are fairly difficult with some steep climbs and off-camber situations, so this trail is not recommended for stock Jeep. There are also a few places play in the sand dunes. At the top of John's Trail, there is some awesome views to take in of the Zion Park and other mountains and valleys in the area. From the top of the trail, you descend in to a canyon where most of the obstacles are. As noted there are many obstacles, most of the extreme ones have bypasses. Take some time and scout the challenges before attempting them. Be particularly careful on the some of the off-camber section as there have been rollovers on this trail. This is a fun trail for those with modified rigs looking for some fun challenges.

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