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Milts Mile

Milts Mile Description

Milt's Mile is a hidden gem of a trail in the Sand Hollow state park near St. George Utah. What makes Milt's Mile so special is that there are some pretty intense obstacles and challenges for even the modified rigs, however there are bypasses and alternate routes for most of the really hard stuff. Taking the bypasses and alternates is called Milt's Light. We put a trail rating of 6 on here which is about the average of all the obstacles. There are some 8 rated obstacles in there is you choose to take them. You can take a stock Jeep through, but it would have to bypass the harder stuff. But this is what makes it a really fun run for all levels of Jeep experience and makes a great run for a mixed group. It can be somewhat challenging to figure out where exactly the trail is at times, so it may be helpful to run it with someone who has done it before just to keep you on track. As far as the obstacles go, there are some sharp turn off camber stuff, some straight up steps, difficult v notches that will take careful placement or you will sink in and need to be winched out, and some fun dunes at the end. This should be on everyone's Jeep bucket list in the St. George area.

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