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The Maze

The Maze Description

The Maze is an extreme and technical trail in the Sand Hollow State Park in southern Utah in the St. George area. The only word to describe this trail is hard-core.The trail is known for its steep acesnt and descents, extreme off-camber, and massive cliffs that you will be travelling the edge of. The obstacles are extreme and constant. Plan on spending all day on this trail, even though it is only about 1.5 miles. The views are amazing as you look over Warner Valley, but don't look too long as you may just go over the edge of the thousand foot drops. Starting with an obstacle known as "The Drop", your knuckles will turn white from challenge after challenge, guaranteed to make you appreciate a flat surface at the end. Shorter wheelbase Jeeps like TJs and YJs may have some difficulty with the steps on some of the obstacles and may need to be winched up. A bare minimum for this trail would be 35s, lockers in front and back, and a winch. Expect damage.

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